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Pasta & Flower CSA

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20 Boxes For $200

Pasta & Flower CSA


As a farm, we are tripling our flower production for the whole of 2024. Why you ask? Because we have found we adore growing flowers & you seem to really love our cottage bouquets. The flower varieties on our farm are surpassing the number of Ducks we have, so that calls for a celebration in the form of a Flower CSA✨ I have actually been dreaming of this offering for a few years now🧡 This particular CSA offering of 20 bouquets all through the growing season is for the flower lover who needs them fresh whenever they fancy. It is a flexible option that allows you to pickup 1, 2, 3 or more at a time if you need to. I know I love gifting a lovely bouquet 🧡 Consider this for the flower lover in your life or a special gift for your table every week.

The Pasta CSA

Our Fresh Organic Pastures Of Pasta is a lovely cozy kitchen staple. With this very accommodating CSA option, you will receive 20 Boxes of our pasta. You will be able to pick up the 20 boxes of pasta any time during the season. You can even get more than one box at a time! A epic dinner party calls for it🧡✨ We have expanded our pasta varieties to over 25 shapes & we offer many unique flavor options all through the market season. Give this as a unique gift during the holiday season, or gift yourself this CSA option that will inspire many meals to come.