Where The Soil Sings

Who Is The Farm & Fiddle Farmily?

Besides our beloved animals residing on The Farm & Fiddle, our wonderful customers & CSA members are our farmily. We celebrate with you, we share recipes, we break bread over amazing food & we hope to simply be a small & dappled light part of your life.


We specialize in French & Italian Heirloom Veggies, Artisan Pasta, House Cheeses, Preserved Tomatoes/Peppers, Freerange Duck & So Much More...All With Sustainable Agriculture In The Forefront Of Our Actions. 

If you were to visit The Farm & Fiddle, & look upon our pastures, hills & forest, all depending on the season you will see free roaming Chickens, Ducks & Geese, Dairy cows lounging in the grass & happy sheep begging for a bit of attention. Our goal is to maintain a happy farm with a thriving sustainable garden & well respected animals. Our garden is 1 1/2 acres of pure joy. Full of fruiting plants & green goodness that make you pause in chef lust. Adventure into our woods & discover our mushroom logs from which rich Shiitake mushrooms & delicious Oyster mushrooms emerge.

Who might you be? 

We are the farmers who go by Daniel & Samantha Foulks. Daniel is a fiddle player of great talent & a man of the land. Samantha is a young woman with a green thumb & a disney like personality, often holding her hair up with a carrot. We decided to move our farming lives to Santa Fe/Fly, Tennessee because of the great need for good whole-hearted food products & the willingness of the chefs & community to support local farmers. 

Once Upon a time...