Each of the options can accommodate 4 people at a time. More people is easily an option, but just let us know ahead of time so we can make your visit just perfect. We schedule your lovely visit once your option is chosen♥

Lovely Visits

Where The Soil Sings

❤Visits can also be given as gifts❤

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A Lovely Farm Visit?

& all of the above! 

(or below....technically)

Ever want to learn how to milk a cow then take that milk home for your cooking endeavors?

Ever want to learn about free range chickens, ducks & geese...& take home eggs you gathered?

Ever want to have a wonderful meadow picnic of farm food & brew amongst a flock of sheep?

Well this can happen at our lovely farm 
The Farm &Fiddle. You could be a family looking for a fun activity for the kids, a chef Wanting to know a few more farm-to-table skills & facts or a group of friends that could go for a simply fun time out on the farm with libations & laughs... we want you to experience the farm in your very own way:)  When you decide the activities you would like to do, we can customise it for you & yours from there:) We provide all of the jars, food, blankets, frills & farm fun. Why do we do this you ask? Because we know that you will love the farm just as much as we do. We want everyone to have a farm experience. These days also make great gifts for your friends & family.  Choose your type of visit below, then send us the details on who you are & what you would like to learn/do? Email us at:
if you have any questions or if you want to schedule your specific
farm visit once you have choosen your whole-hearted day.