Nothing's more tasty than the sweetness in a just pulled beet or crisp cabbage from the dark soil. Our farm provides not only constant freshness, but the joy of coming from sweet & light soil. We understand the lovely quality that a Holistically ran farm can achieve, & encourage that beauty every day.

We love our community & consider our farm patrons a part of the Farmily. Not only can you join our CSA, but you can always attend one of our seasonal farm dinners. With every new themed &  delicious dinner, you not only get too experience the flavor of the season & the farm, but get plenty of new recipes. 

Local Love

freshness & flavor

your community

We as sure as the day love Tennessee, & are happy to be providing bountiful veggies, flowers, dairy, eggs, mushrooms, bread & meat from it's land. It is a lovely feeling knowing your food all came from one place & treated with great care & love. Just like we love our neighbors, we love the land & our animals.

Where The Soil Sings