Fall/Winter CSA Share
Fall/Winter CSA Share

​​The CSA membership spots are very limited, & they are first come first serve. If you would like too join, e-mail us at:
& once we have confirmed a available spot,you can either mail us a check, pay via paypal, or we can process you through our square account..

No refunds are given after the start of our CSA on MAY 1st
A $50 fee will be due for all shares who plan on taking advantage of our delivery service.

How To Join

*What Do I Get In This Weekly Bounty?

​This year we are trying something different... we want our CSA members to have what they want & not be throwing out veggies that they nor their families eat. This year YOU get to choose what you want in your basket!! It is a simple choice of looking at your weekly email with the long list of available vegetables, fruits, cheeses & pastas, then sending us your 3 to 10 picks! You shall always have a half/bushel of farm goods in your basket no matter how many items you choose. If you prefer not having to think about your share every week & enjoy surprises, we are happy to choose & pack your basket for you. When you arrive at your pickup location we shall have all of your goods ready to go. You can even build whole meals for your family from the list of farm goods. We shall still have our milk & eggs available for our full shares<3

*What might be a CSA? (Community Supported Agriculture)
Our CSA allows city or rural residents alike to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown lovingly by the Farm & Fiddle . When you become a member of our CSA, you’re considered much more than a just a member. We not only like to get to know our CSA family, but encourage you too participate in our farm life & become a more knowledgeable cook while you are at it. We do this through including lovely farm updates in your weekly bounty, recipes for the produce you receive & a lovely invitation to our CSA dinner, which is usually held at The Farm & Fiddle.

The Farm & Fiddle CSA


Where The Soil Sings

The Farm & Fiddle Fall/Winter CSA

Punch Card CSA: $350-Busy schedule? Out of town during a few of our pickup times? Choose the Punch Card CSA & still get a bountiful CSA that works with your own schedule. Pick up at any of our market locations or at our farm. 10 pickups.

​​Heavy on the pasta & lovingly accented with sweet Fall & winter garden vegetables, our Farm & Fiddle Fall/Winter CSA is straight from our Farmily to your cozy kitchens. All through November to February you will get the option of many of our Pastures Of Pasta creations such as Fettuccine, Pappardelle, Raviolis, Rigatoni, Gnocchi & much more....with all different flavors! In addition, our cold month veggies will be offered right along our pasta options. We enjoy growing a variety of Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kales, Greens, Carrots & Beets.

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darlin dears

"We have been Farm & Fiddle CSA members for the past two years and can't wait to make it three! Thanks to our CSA, we eat an amazing, wide variety of produce: far more than we ever would on our own.  We love knowing not only where our food comes from but who it comes from.  My kids cannot wait to pick up their favorites (rainbow carrots!) and new surprises from Farmer Sam, Joe Hickory, and their helpers each week. If the Farm & Fiddle family says they will love it, they do. And I love knowing that while we are eating so well my food dollars are supporting another family and nurturing the growth of our community, not some distant corporate office. "- The Huttos

CSA Pickup Options

Tuesday-Nashville Pickup (3-5pm)

Friday-Fly-Farm Pickup Day(4-6pm)

Saturday-Columbia,TN.-Farmers Market(10-12am)

​Words From Our Members

"I have been a member of Farm & Fiddle CSA for many years now. When I first met Samantha and Daniel, I was so inspired by how hard they work and the vast array of produce, meats, and other wonderful products they offer. I cannot image the amount of sweat and toil it  takes to pull that off, but they do. They have not only kept our bellies and bodies happy, they have become good friends. Nothing delights us more then to spend time with them on their beautiful farm, especially for their special seasonal dinners. 
We have recently bought a house in their community, and through Samantha and Daniel’s generosity we have been able to meet and befriend many of the locals. They make everyone feel like family.
My most favorite part of belonging to Farm & Fiddle CSA is the innovative ideas Samantha has about multiplying what she has to offer. She will not rest on her laurels… each season brings new pastas and many other wonderful delights that no one else offers. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next season!"

Anne Blair Brown & Trey Finney